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What is Metallic Epoxy Flooring

A metallic epoxy floor is a two-component 100%-solids epoxy blended with metallic pigments, is self-leveling and a seamless floor surface. Metallic Floors put a stylish spin on the strong, durable protection of epoxy. After a primer coat of epoxy that bonds with the concrete and seals off the pores of the substrate, we apply the metallic epoxy coat. This coat creates a sensational appearance that resembles marble with different tones of pearlescent metallic pigment. There are many techniques that we have created and mastered that can create create ripples, craters, and impel the metallic pigment. We also can get creative and add secondary colors by drizzling, splotching, and or blending these colors over the top of the original color to create one of a kind effects. The final protective finishes is a clear urethane that can be applied in gloss or matte that withstands foot and vehicle traffic.

What Does Metallic Epoxy Coating Look Like?

We offer more than 20 base metallic epoxy floor coatings, ranging from earth tones like coffee to bold choices like bubblegum. When properly mixed and applied, the result is an extremely distinctive and eye-catching effect with what appear to be three-dimensional shimmering swirls throughout the flooring. The metallic finish creates a crisp and modern look with flowing style. The exact texture and visual effect can be adjusted to make the floor coating highly lustrous with a subtle mirror effect, or softer with a more satin-like appearance. It’s best to say that metallic floor coatings have a signature look you can find nowhere else. It’s way to turn drab concrete into a beautiful floor that makes people say “wow.”

Where is it used?

Metallic Flooring is ideal for residential or commercial applications where you want to make your floors a focal point.


  • Retails Stores
  • Lobby Areas
  • Salons
  • Living Rooms
  • Offices
  • Shopping Malls
  • Automobile Showrooms
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Art galleries & Museums
  • Collegiate & Professional Sports Complexes

How Long Do They Last

The life of a metallic epoxy depends on the use. In a residential space such as a garage or basement, they will last for many years. In a commercial area the life is subject to the use. In most areas they will last for 5-10 years or more depending on maintenance. Urethane finish coats can be cleaned, waxed and buffed prolonging the life and appearance indefinitely.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

• Ease of maintenance
• Aesthetic improvements
• Hard and abrasion resistant
• Stain and chemical resistant
• Anti-microbial
• Satin or gloss finish
• Fast set available for quicker turn around time
• Special colors can match design or preferred colors



Yes we do! During the estimating stage, it is a great time for us to find out your needs and present the best options to fulfill them.

What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?

Epoxy garage flooring is a versatile system that has many uses and benefits. While some people think epoxy is just used to produce a high-gloss finish, it can also add slip resistance, durability, chemical resistance, and a low-maintenance surface. Epoxy flooring combines aesthetics with durability and safety. It can be used in garages, inside houses, business, and patios. It’s a cost-effective way to transform a dusty, boring garage into a functional workshop or showroom that withstand vehicular traffic.

How Is the Floor Prepped Prior to the Epoxy?

Properly preparing your concrete slab for epoxy is the secret to a long-lasting and beautiful floor. How your floor needs to be prepped will depend on the condition of your concrete. Your concrete floor will first be grinned or shot blasted to remove the cap of the concrete and to get get rid of any containments. Any cracks or chips will be filled or repaired prior to applying an epoxy coating.

How Long Does an Epoxy Flooring Job Usually Take?

Most garage floors are completed in 1-2 days. After the last coat is applied the floor must be allowed to cure for 12 hrs before foot traffic. Vehicles and heavy objects should be kept off the floor for 72 hours. It takes about 7 days for epoxy to fully cure. During this time, avoid washing or scrubbing the floor.

When Wet, Is the Floor Slippery? Can I Avoid This?

One of the most common questions about epoxy is whether it creates a slippery surface. No one wants a garage floor that is so slippery it becomes a safety hazard. An epoxy floor with chips offers grip, but it will can still be slippery when wet. We recommend adding a skid-resistant additive to your epoxy before application. These granules, usually made from aluminum oxide, add traction.

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